SteelSeries Arctis 7:  Wireless Headphones review

SteelSeries Arctis 7


The SteelSeries Arctic 7 at according to review is nice wireless gaming headphones. As the upgraded version of the SteelSeries arctic 7 wireless headphones review, they have an impressive 25-hour continuous battery life and their comfortable padding can help extend your active game time. On the downside, they can sound different depending on who’s wearing them. However, the unique ski-band headband can be adjusted to give you the best fit possible while the companion software contains a great graphic eq to further fine-tune your listening experience. Regardless, this is often a really comfortable headset to wear, with exceptional battery life and an honest quality microphone.


  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Good battery life
  • Mic sounds good


  • No surround sound on consoles
  • No wireless on Xbox One
  • Slightly weak bass


The Arctis 7 walks a special road entirely, using an elasticated fabric band to suspend the aluminium frame beyond your head. It doesn’t sound love it should work.

It seems like the scarf would either succumb to the headset’s weight and drop the frame onto your head.  The strain needed to stay it suspended would stop the circulation to your ears. Neither of these things happens, we’re delighted to report.

Things cease to be quite so rosy, however, once you come to line it up. The manual is so terse on be positively unhelpful, requiring frequent recourse to the online.

Therefore the Arctis 7 soon betrays its PC-centric background. It comes with a little, disc-shaped wireless (2.4GHz, instead of Bluetooth, so it doesn’t suffer from drop-outs) transmitter that connects to a PC or console via USB.

The lack of an optical cable means if you hook it up to a PlayStation 4. You won’t get any surround-sound, and therefore the same applies to the Xbox One – except there’s no got to plug its transmitter in, because it will only work as a wired headset, connected to an Xbox One controller.

The right ear cup houses an influence button and a talk volume slider. a daily volume slider resides on the left ear cup, alongside a micro USB port for charging and a proprietary port which will hook up with a 3.5mm audio jack for mobile listening.

Although the Arctis 7 requires power for wireless and surround-sound functionality, you’ll hear whatever you would like with the audio jack, whether or not the device has power.



While the SteelSeries Arctis 7 offers tons of equivalent options as Arctis Pro, it does so using software, instead of an included DAC unit. The headset uses SteelSeries Engine 3, an equivalent software other SteelSeries devices use.


Like its wired headphones review counterpart, the Arctis 7 provides stellar gaming options.  If you’re willing to try to some legwork. With both stereo and DTS 7.1 surround sound, also as a plethora of equalization options, you’ll get wildly different configurations from the headset, whether you would like to concentrate to music or have a Skype conversation. Luckily, fixing game profiles is pretty simple.


One genre of game which it’s eminently suited to be Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMOs). Anyone who plays those will place comfort at the highest of their list of priorities, and therefore the Arctis 7 certainly scores well within the comfort stakes. MMOs also tend to eschew surround-sound – and therefore the overwhelming majority of them are best played on the PC.


Another aspect of the Arctis 7 which can endear it to MMO-lovers is its battery life. It had been originally rated at 15 hours, but SteelSeries recently unleashed a firmware update which, it claims, extends that battery life to a staggering 24 hours. We didn’t quite get that but did eke about 20 hours out of it, which is among the simplest out there. Especially for a headset which is light and cosy. Recharging is performed via a USB cable instead of a cradle, but that becomes less of a problem once you need to recharge it infrequently.



That the music options are inconsistent on a gaming headset is unsurprising and somewhat forgivable. Music sounds good, and everybody but the foremost dedicated audiophiles could use the Arctis 7 as an everyday music headset. But if there’s one category where this headset just misses peak performance. It’s in how the device handles music.

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 offers nice audio output, with relative clarity across frequencies. It boosts bass, but not nearly the maximum amount as most gaming headsets. There’s also a touch de-emphasis of mids around 1,500Hz. The SteelSeries Arctis 7 one of the useful  Wireless Headphones Review category list.


In a game, this suggests big explosion sounds will appear more prominent, sometimes at the expense of more subtle sorts of sound, like footsteps or different environmental noise.



SteelSeries’ headsets offer a number of the simplest mic performance, but we found that Sennheiser led the way when it involves microphone quality. The Arctis 7’s microphone remains precise, clear, and never echoey, though. We also like that the mic stays out of the way and retracts into the ear cup when it’s not in use.


Considering that wireless headsets can run many dollars, and PC-centric ones often skip important features like 3.5mm jacks. It’s refreshing that the Arctis 7 offers the entire package for less quite its wired counterpart. While a number of the features require a touch legwork from the user. Nothing is difficult, and everything works exactly as it’s alleged to.


However, if you’re a PC gamer with a specific penchant for MMOs, or action games that don’t require pinpoint surround-sound. You are trying to find a headset with a wonderfully neutral sound which is beautifully made. The Arctis 7 is nearly as good as anything out there.


As gaming headsets go, it’s far away from the foremost mass-appeal one on sale. So if you’re thinking of shopping for one for somebody else, confirm you discover out. What kinds of games they like, and whether or not they play on the PC or on consoles.

Should you buy the SteelSeries Arctis 7?

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is extremely comfortable, sounds pretty good. The headset is compatible with almost everything it might be, and sets up in no time.

You’d need to spend a reasonably decent chunk more to urge better sound and features than the SteelSeries Arctis 7 wireless headphones review.

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