SteelSeries Arctis 1 Gaming Headset Review: Comfortable, Breathable

SteelSeries Arctis 1


Hey, everyone Technun here with the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Gaming Headset Review and this headset is hot off the press just recently my SteelSeries 1. This thing runs only have 50 bucks and I’m sitting here trying to play like it’s all secret like you guys don’t know what it is yet it’s an entitled son of a gun we have the SteelSeries Arctic’s one artists one like you.

All right so now in your box, you’re gonna get the splitter for the PC for your headset and your microphone. Right there you will get the mic which is detachable and of course, you’re gonna get the headset. This does come in an Xbox and a PlayStation version as well only difference is the inside right. Here is blue for PlayStation and green for Xbox but those two do not come with the splitter for PC.
Again just this one does but every similar headset is compatible across the board on every single platform. They look sharp they really do like again I like it it’s straight to the point it doesn’t scream gamer. Here I SteelSeries Arctis 1 Gaming Headset Review in detailed. So please read this.
I can see you wearing these things out and just you know I mean it looks like regular old headphones and they look fantastic. Now let’s go ahead and talk about some comfort and as I’m talking about different features on us that’s it. I will kind of chime in talking about and what’s some differences of the threes you know and so on.


I said we’re gonna start off with comfort here but this first point I want to kind of talk about here is the ear adjust men right here. Which again goes into comfort and kind of build I guess we’re used to steel serious headsets. That use theses ki masks a little strapped right there and it really just feels like it’s float on your head.

Which is very comfortable I really enjoy it what they changed up here they went to that traditional headset style. Right or just pulls out as you can hear the little clicks right there we do have metal reinforced in there right there. So you have plenty extension you know and now when you put them on super-duper cosy.
They use the same ear cushions as all the other ones right they have that little sports we have on it. They are just so cosy and extremely life I don’t know if I want to say they’re lighter than the threes. But honestly, I do like is it’s kind of weird like you know what this is how I can put it there’s a little more pressure on the ears.

Rather than the top not saying the threes are the fives are the pros or anything like that had to pressure on the top. But you felt the headband on top very minimal it wasn’t uncomfortable. By any means, I mean these guys aren’t uncomfortable the pros aren’t uncomfortable.
I got to say steel series might be one of the most comfortable headsets across their entire line you know what I mean. But again these guys do have a little more pressure on the ears rather than the top when the 3s and so on are a little bit looser on the head.

Steel series arctis 1 cpmfort


You know so again that’s of course due to the build where these guys have the arm right here rather than the ski a little deal. They’re not uncomfortable by any means extremely comfortable and very very light. As you can see what I was just talking about what the ear cushions being the same.
As you see you had a little sports material and incredibly soft I mean just look at that give right there. Like wow inside I’m not sure how well you can see it on the camera but inside you do have the little pleather. Which kind of holds on some of the sound preventing a lot of the bleed but very very cosy up top here on the headband.

If it’s gonna want to focus there you go there’s a lot of cushions up there too when it and it goes a little bit further to the sides too so you got some cushion over there. It’s honestly just a perfect fit it’s very soft and very very cosy now you also have a lot of adjustment in the ear cups as well as. I think we can kind of sum that upright obviously Comfort gets a win 100%win.
So now let’s go on to bring that right into the build as we covered before how you extend it right here. It does have the metal-reinforced support right there but everything else is plastic. It feels like a pretty good plastic it doesn’t feel cheap.
I mean it’s durable right there now again we go metal right there but over here we go plastic to plastic I’m not sure if the cameras will be able to catch this how you have these little a grid type deal on there where the plastic goes across.

steel series arctis 1 Design

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So it’s really nice and reinforced it’s not just going a straight solid plastic to another where it’s gonna give again you’re gonna have that flexibility in there. I really it feels solid you know it really does another really nice touch. I’m not sure how will you catch this on but take a look right up here where the earcup will touch the frame you got two rubber spacers on there.
That’s on both ear cuff so it’s really nice whenever you’re taking them out or putting them on you don’t get this real cranky sound again. It just hits that rubber and again it’s a little touch but it makes a pretty nice difference. We talked about earlier it is 3.5and, unlike other steel series headsets.

Where the cable connects and disconnects this one is in there it is permanently in there as you see back here also you have your volume rocker. Then your mic mute and your mic on switch right there now this is something different with this headset compared to the threes. The mic is detachable on the other ones you can pull the mic in and out of the headset and it’s permanently in there.
This guy comes like this and then you just plug it in as you can see right here you plug it in. It’s in so it’s that a pro or con I guess that really depends on your playstyle. Right, I never use a mic just mainly because I got a loud household in the background. I got a four-year-old you know and sometimes I like listening to music so again I pretty much never use a mic.

Personally I just take it off and whatever I like it like this now if you’re a big mic personal can see this kind of getting into pain. Maybe one day you decide not to use the Reverend what if you lose it. You know on the other SteelSeries again it just sits right in there and you’re kind of done with it you know.

But uh again that can be a pro or con and as we’re talking about the build that’s really the only difference is going from the threes. These are in the same class of the threes when you get into the fives. You get in a whole different style of the headset but anyways we’re comparing it to the 3.
That’s really the difference is you know the mic and then again the build you’re not using the headband type deal. You’re using the basic standard adjustment right there so again they’re pretty much the exact same to use the exact same drivers.

Steelseries arctis 1 sound


The same ear cushions and everything so again you’re getting that same quality steel series headset.
But hey since we’re just talking about the mic what kind of close it up and get our conclusion and see what we actually think now again as we’ve been talking about through this review a lot of you probably wonder well shoot man should I go with the Arctic’s one or the Arctic’s three and that gets really hard like honestly in my opinion.

I’d prefer a windscreen on it but other than that I felt like it did the job now let’s go ahead and talk sound and I tested this on the PlayStation 4 the Xbox one the Nintendo switch. The PC now they did sound a lot better on console compared to PC but even on consoles.

They didn’t they’re not these hard-hitting bass pounding headphones by any means this is a nice flat I don’t want to say flatly that the highs are there you hear the footsteps.
All that stuff but it’s not this hard-hitting bass you know what I mean it is there. It’s a nice quality balanced sound like I don’t know you got to think are you into more that muddy kind of you know hard hit and sound.

This has a really nice balanced sound again if you’re looking for that you know head shake and bass know these are not gonna do it for you. but if you look for a nice balanced sound yes I think this was you walk because it does have bass. But again it’s not shaking on your head so all in all my take on the Arctic’s one headset from steel series.


I think you’ll be pretty happy with this article SteelSeries Arctis 1 Gaming Headset Review and thank you so much for reading this one if you have any questions please mention in the comment section.

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