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Sony WH-1000XM4 : Wireless Headphones Review

Sony WH-1000XM4: Wireless Active noise cancelling Headphones Review


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At the point of review, Sony WH-1000XM4 is that the upgraded version of the Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless. That accompany longer continuous battery life, additional touch-sensitive control features, and permit for multi-device pairing. Like their predecessor, they have an outstanding noise isolation performance thanks to their ANC feature and comfortable, premium-looking design. Their bass-heavy sound profile might not be preferred by all listeners,

The successor to the WH-1000XM3, it’s largely an equivalent initially great. But there are several points to needs improvement. Is this now the simplest wireless noise-cancelling headset you’ll buy today?

Find out in our SONY WH-1000XM4 review. Overall, these decently versatile headphones are a solid choice for several different listeners.



  • Familiar, comfortable design and fit
  • Good app, useful features
  • Speak-to-chat and hear-through modes work well
  • Detailed, engaging, fun sound
  • Superb noise cancellation


  • No Qualcomm aptX codec support
  • Average microphone quality
  • Bulky Design




sony wh-1000xm4



Though the Sony WH-100XM4 has added a slew of latest components inside the headphones themselves, there’s not a serious difference between them and their predecessors in terms of aesthetics. In fact, put them next to every other and you’d have a tough time telling the 1000XM3 from the 1000XM4. The new ones are alleged to be slightly slimmer. But we’re talking in millimetres here.


Practically, these changes don’t make the new model feel any different, but that’s not a nasty thing — the Sony WH-1000XM4 is among the foremost comfortable and well-built pairs of full-sized headphones you’ll get.I also found the finish a touch nicer to touch; the headphones feel a touch more ‘velvety’, which is especially useful for the swipe controls on the proper ear cup.


Like before, there are just two physical buttons on the left side — one for power and therefore the before the other may be a customisable one — and the 3.5mm socket and USB Type-C port are on the left and right respectively.


There’s an NFC sensor on the left ear cup, and therefore the gesture-sensitive zone is on the proper one. That aside, there’s not much else to lament about the planning of the 1000XM4. The only complain that sony did not provide water resistance. Sony recommends keep it dry and far away from the water source. If you won’t get any damage so keep n mind.




The WH-1000XM4 features a range of software features. All of which may be accessed from within the Sony Headphones Connect application, available on iOS and Android. it isn’t mandatory to possess this app installed but it allows you to control numerous things, to not mention provides software updates.


That is just is sensible to possess it. That sounds a touch too extreme, don’t fret, Sony has you covered. together with your permission, the headphones can find out how you employ them in several locations and automatically switch modes as required. as an example, you would possibly want to possess ambient sounds turned up by touch while at work whereas your commute might need the ANC turned all the high.


With the feature activated, the Sony headphones play a little chiming tone when it’s reached one among your set locations, and dials the noise-cancellation up or back appropriately. All of this will be tweaked within the Sony Headphones Connect app. My remote-working lifestyle didn’t let me test this till its full extent, but it did work as promised between home and outdoors.


Some of the opposite features leaned more towards convenience. Simple additions like wear detection sensors within the earcups, which might automatically pause the music when holstered and resume playback when worn again, are appreciable and effective. If they’re left unused for a couple of minutes (at a delay of your choosing), they’ll automatically cut to save lots of battery life.


The third new feature is ‘speak to chat’. What STC does is automatically pause the music and increase the ambient sound level in your ears when it detects you’re speaking. You can choose how sensitive the headphones are to your speaking and also choose how long the headphones will stay paused once you’re done talking.

STC is also sensitive to other sounds. It can devour other loud voices near you as you speaking. It also can mistake you making other vocal sounds like speech. One time I cleared my throat and it thought I was talking.

Despite these issues, I still decided to go away the feature on and just made the expiry timer long enough that it wouldn’t close up within the middle of a conversation. It’s much easier to only manually turn the music back on when you’re done instead.


Some of these new software features add tons useful to the merchandise. They may not be enough to tempt 1000XM3 owners to upgrade but they’re certainly nice to possess for brand spanking new buyers. My point of review sony WH-1000XM4 has good features.





Like its predecessor, the Sony WH-1000XM4 is a powerful pair of wireless headphones. Although it’s largely an equivalent because the WH-1000XM3, small tweaks across all aspects it brings noticeable improvements within the sound quality, active noise cancellation, and therefore the overall immersive and enjoyable nature of the sound. The sonic signature strikes an honest balance between detail and enjoyability and will work for just about any quite listener.


The Sony WH-1000XM4 expectedly performs best when using the LDAC Bluetooth codec if you review, which is supported by the latest Android smartphones. But it also sounds decent when used with the AAC codec. Similarly, any quality of audio track sounds good on these headphones, including regular streamed music on Spotify and YouTube Music, but the Sony WH-1000XM4 is during a league of its own when working with high-resolution music.


However, nearly as good as these headphones sound, I might wish to remind readers that you simply can still get a far better sound for equal or maybe less money if you go wired. Very often people see the high tag of those headphones and assume the sound quality would be almost like similarly priced wired headphones but that’s not the case.


Most of the cash you spend on wired headphones go into making them sound good whereas most of the cash you spend on wireless headphones go into making them wireless. If you would like something to concentrate to during a train commute, aviation, or simply walking your dog, these will sound ok while providing the wireless freedom and noise-cancellation you purchased.


If all you would like to try to do is sit ahead of your desk reception and luxuriate in your music, you’ll get phenomenally better-sounding headphones for equivalent money or spend a few third and obtain similar sounding stuff.


Noise Cancelling


On the noise-cancelling front, Sony’s using its Dual Noise Sensor tech. Making use of two mics (one in each earcup) to suck in sound and analyse it with the QN1 noise-cancelling processor. this enables the headphones to regulate its noise cancellation response imperceptibly quickly, at quite 700 times a second. It’s fantastically powerful and never gets within the way of your tunes.

Other than that, the noise-cancelling performance is superb. Again, I even have no thanks to proving if it’s better on this year’s model. Nor do I even have any thanks to verifying if it’s the simplest noise-cancelling on the market. But it’s certainly excellent and will be sufficient for many situations.



The Sony  WH-1000XM4 have average microphone performance. Voice Sound is good but overly compressed. Background Noise can be more suppressed. It is not exceptionally well. The overall voice sounds good not best it still usable. The short voice call can cover for this ultimate headphone.

If your point of view audio quality is important then you can buy a pair of wired headphones. Because wired headphones sounds are better than wireless.



The WH-1000XM4 connection is stable with most pair of devices. You can walk through one room to another with the phone in the pocket. Room distance can not affect its connectivity. The problems come with the LDAC 990kbps. It depends on transmitting device. Your phone can struggle to maintain a stable connection at 990 kbps.


Unfortunately, LDAC is merely really valuable at 990kbps or at the worst, 660kbps. You lose all the high resolution, high bit depth advantages if you sink to 330kbps, which is not any better than SBC or AAC. If you allow your phone on auto, which is how it’s configured and can default to each time your headphones are restarted. Most Android phones will resort to using 660 or 330kbps to prioritize stability. The 990kbps can mostly only be obtained manually then you’ve got to form bound to be on the brink of the device.

For those that are going to be buying these headphones to be used with iPhones or other Apple products, the AAC codec (or even SBC for that matter) works just fine. The audio quality is additionally nearly identical.



Battery Life

While the Sony WH-1000XM4 didn’t get a lift in battery life compared to their predecessors. They still delivered a considerable 30 hours with noise cancelling turned on and around 38 hours with noise cancelling turned off.

The battery life needs to improve. I don’t know why sony takes it to remain the same as the previous headphone. When testing LDAC the headphone managed 25 hours continuous playback.

Later the headphone tested with AAC they managed 35 hours continuous playback which is fair sony claim. When coming to its charging time after using 5 hours it takes 10 minutes charge. But the same condition it used with LDAC it takes 6 hours.

The battery life, even with 990kbps, isn’t regrettable. But, after three years, I expected Sony to possess made some improvements during this area. A number of Sony’s cheaper models achieve better battery life than the WH-1000XM4. So it’s disappointing that the flagship model only achieves acceptable and not exceptional battery life.



It’s been an extended time coming, but the Sony WH-1000XM4 is finally here. It’s well and truly well worth the wait. This is often a superb pair of wireless headphones that ticks all the boxes, with great sound, superb active noise cancellation, excellent battery life, and useful features like speak-to-chat that really work well. Sound quality is that the clincher here; the headphones deliver an in-depth, exciting, and immersive sound that’s hard to fault.


Although it doesn’t appear as if much has changed compared to the WH-1000XM3. The XM4 may be a notably better pair of headphones and is well priced for what’s on offer. The shortage of support for the Qualcomm aptX Bluetooth codec is probably the sole shortcoming here.  LDAC isn’t supported on too many devices beyond Android smartphones for now. All of this makes the Sony WH-1000XM4 absolutely the best pair of wireless headphones review you’ll buy immediately, by an extended shot.

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