sony srs xb30

Sony SRS-XB30 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Sony SRS-XB30 Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Sony SRS-XB30 Bluetooth Speaker Review point this speaker features great sound, a multi-colour LED light ring and easy pairing for NFC-equipped phones. The optional “Extra Bass” setting does a great job of kicking it up a notch if you’re all about the bass.

Sound Quality


Bass Performance




Bluetooth Range


Battery Life





  • Great bass performance
  • Built-in light show
  • Impressive feature set



  • Proprietary charging
  • Buggy app



I love this tiny Bluetooth speaker. it’s a GREAT sound for such a little unit. There is much to like about this. Its rugged design stands up to me kids abuse and it’s water-resistant. it’s sufficiently small to slide into a bag and combat the go. it’s great sound and volume, and that I love the “extra bass” feature. The battery lasts an extended time, otherwise, you can leave it plugged in.

It is often paired with other speakers and it’s audio in. it had been very easy to line up and that I did not have any trouble with Bluetooth connectivity on any of my devices. I quick note about the flashing coloured lights. My kids like it. they’re all about the lights. My migraine-prone head doesn’t just like the flashing lights. Fortunately, you’ll close up the lights by holding down the “extra bass” button. If you do not just like the lights, simply turn it off. There is also an app (SongPal) that goes with this, but I used to be unable to use it.

I found it easily within the Apple app store, but my iPhone has little or no storage thereon so I do not have any music there. While it says there’s an android app, I could not find one within the Kindle app store, so I have never been ready to try the app. One other thing worth noting. I’m occasionally called upon to talk at different meetings. I even have a lapel mic that connects to my iPhone. If I even have that connected to my phone and this speaker with me, I even have my very own little on-the-go public address system. Its compact size makes this ideal to possess as a back-up audio system. I think this Sony SRS-XB30 Bluetooth Speaker Review will prove it good or not at the sound department.



The app’s control of the customizable LED light ring isn’t quite what I used to be led to believe given the packaging and documentation. My hope was to use this speaker with my home theatre system and have it paired with my home theatre PC instead of a phone or tablet. Given the speaker’s ability to meet up with other speakers, I’d had thoughts about maybe using this to eventually implement a wireless surround sound and/or whole home loudspeaker.

My PC setup features a nice blue LED lighting effect, and that I thought it might be cool to urge the LED ring on the speaker to match the blue that the remainder of my setup has. That’s once I discovered the second shortcoming of the app. you cannot select one colour for the LED ring to glow. The app only gives you an inventory of preset colour schemes that you simply can prefer to have it cycle through.

You cannot select just one colour and tell the speaker to carry it continuously (special PSA on the lighting: if you’re epileptic, don’t plan to use this speaker until you adjust the colour settings. By default, this speaker came in “RAVE” mode which has white flashing strobes along the left and right edges. There was no mention of this strobe effect in any of the materials I read before getting this speaker, and it is a little disturbing that this was enabled by default).




The Sony SRS-XB30 has Bluetooth 4.2, therefore the range is pretty standard at around 30 feet in any direction. While testing outdoors with nothing on the way I used to be even ready to get to around 50 feet before the connection started stuttering. It also has NFC which allows you to easily pair to the device just by tapping your compatible phone to the NFC logo on the highest.

I haven’t seen too many new speakers observe the use of NFC and that I had forgotten how helpful it’s for pairing. I used to be ready up and playing music in seconds. However, if you’ve got an iOS device you’ll still need to undergo Bluetooth settings as NFC isn’t as open on iOS. Still, connecting to quite one device isn’t obvious or easy—and I ended up repairing multiple times.

The Sony SRS-XB30 also features both AAC and Sony’s own LDAC codec for high-quality streaming. While neither codec is ideal, they’re still higher quality than the quality SBC codec that each one Bluetooth device use, albeit the very best LDAC setting does risk an unstable connection. Still, if you’re streaming music from a service like Apple Music or Spotify, none of this really matters anyway. I doubt anyone goes to inform you off at your next backyard rave due to the sound quality.


 Battery life 

Any newer Bluetooth speakers display their battery level on the iPhone/iPad status bar, so you can see when your speaker needs recharged. This Sony XB30 speaker does not do that, although you can use the SongPal app to find it (it’s buried under the Settings option in the app). You can also hold down the “phone” button for about 3 seconds and the speaker will announce its current charge. I think Sony SRS-XB30 Bluetooth Speaker Review will get your point.



battery back up is also very good  …  “

” …  Almost 8 hours battery life.  …  “

” …  Battery life at higher volume and extra bass are around 4 hrs.  …  “

” …  It is better than JBL charge 3.  …  “

” …  But battery after 40 % sound is automatically very low  …  “

” …  Battery life is very impressive  …  “

” …  Battery life is good depending on the volume you use it at.  …  “

” …  and the speaker lasts throughout the day. … I listen for maybe 6-8 hours a day in total.  


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