LucidSound LS35X Review: A Stylish, Superb-Sounding Xbox Headset

LucidSound LS35X


LucidSound LS35X Review: A Stylish, Superb-Sounding Xbox Headset


You may not have heard of LucidSound, but if the quality of this headset is any hint, you will be hearing more about them soon. In fact, up until a couple of short months ago, it had been quite 3 years since time was spent with the LucidSound LS30 Universal Gaming headset. Now though the LucidSound team are back, and therefore the new wireless LS35X headset brings a classic design, plus plenty of great features and concepts to Xbox One.

Everything about the LS35X is straightforward, which works to its advantage. it’s sort of a regular pair of headphones, it connects to the Xbox One with one button press, and you’ll control the whole apparatus with two dials built right into the ear cups. once you get right down to it, the LS35X doesn’t offer plenty of additional bells and whistles, but it does provide high-quality sound, a cushty fit and excellent wireless local area network.

Granted, $180 may be a bit on the expensive side, especially considering the hoops you’ve got to leap through to attach it to a PC. And while the LS35X is comfortable, other headsets have found out better, more nuanced ways of getting an ideal fit. Still, if you have the cash to expand and need one among the nice one, most functional Xbox headsets on the market, the LS35X is great for you. The LucidSound LS35X Review suggests finding a stylish and good gaming headset.



  • Excellent sound
  • Comfortable fit
  • Attractive design
  • Smart controls



  • Tedious PC setup
  • Subpar dual-mic system



I don’t get to labour the purpose when it involves building, LucidSound’s headsets are extremely well made across their range. The LS35X is more about refinement, even over their flagship headset LS40 (soon to get replaced by the LS41). The memory foam padding is extremely comfortable, the hinges are more solid and therefore the move to oval earcups beneficial. The headset is deceiving, therein they are not especially light within the hand, but during a 4-hour gaming session, I literally forgot i used to be wearing them. No issues with comfort whatsoever, though the suspension headband design SteelSeries employ still has the sting.

Style is subjective, but I’ve come to seek out the garish lights and crazy colours that pass as “gamer gear” increasingly obnoxious. Thankfully, there’s nothing obnoxious here. While the over-ear cups are a touch larger than I’d prefer, the headset’s look is just about perfect.

Inside and LucidSound have decided it’s only right and proper to make sure a number of the simplest audio experiences you’ll imagine are thrust towards your lugholes, because of the inclusion of custom-tuned hi-fi 50mm neodymium drivers. and admittedly, they sound awesome, with true bass, top treble and a few spot-on mids hitting out regardless of how far up you switch the quantity. With Windows Sonic audio provided here for both Xbox One and Windows PC, you can’t invite an excessive amount of more. Except maybe some Dolby Atmos love, as that, in my opinion, raises the audio game even more casually take all gamers.



I use this device whenever I play Call of Duty. This device brings sound around you to life in vivid detail, something that’s lost by utilizing the TV speakers. you’ll hear footsteps clearly which helps to offer you an additional edge during matches. I even have noticed the audio tends to chop out intermittently for split seconds in other games like NBA 2K20 and NFS Heat. unsure why, but it’s a minor flaw, nothing game-breaking. the quantity controls on the side of the cups take a while to urge won’t to, but once you master them, it makes controlling your game volume and therefore the volume of the voice chat a breeze. you’ll also mute your headset or game volume from the headset itself. the choice to get rid of the included boom mic may be a great feature. I exploit the boom mic when twiddling with other gamers, and take away it once I play games that don’t require a mic late in the dark so I can hear the sport perfectly while the sound is muted from the TV. (The headphones still transmit your voice to other players without the boom attached which is great.) I highly recommend this product, it’s great for an off-the-cuff gamer like myself and an ideal buy for the worth.

he LS35Xs is billed as a headset for Xbox One, Windows 10, and mobile gaming, but if you’re on a special console, there’s good news: though not billed as headphones for Nintendo Switch or Playstation 4, they create a surprisingly capable audio-only headset. Unlike on Xbox One, they don’t get to be charged either—you just plug them in with the included 3.5mm aux cord and you’ll be rewarded with equivalent superb audio that’s available in wireless mode.


The most important aspect. I will be able to use the Arctis Pro Wireless as a reference again because that headset has superb clarity. The LS35X extremely draws in that aspect, with well-defined lows, mids and highs, which offers similar clarity. Where it arguably beats the Arctis is overall POISE because there is no obvious IMPOTENCE. The LS35X isn’t bass-heavy, as say the Astro A50, but they are doing produce sufficient punch and do not distort under the strain – assisted by those 50mm drivers.

one thing that impressed me about the LS35X was just how well it handled the music. I listened to tracks from Flogging Molly, Old Crow Medicine Show, The Rolling Stones and G.F. Handel, via both a wireless connection and three .5-mm audio jack, and therefore the sound quality was excellent all around. each piece had a balanced, nuanced feel, which kept treble and vocals front and centre while giving bass only enough attention to form it feel present.


Overall a specially balanced sound, with superb LUCIDITY, impactful bass and well-defined positional awareness. I used both Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos. To be honest it’s difficult to differentiate between the two; both offer exceptional surround sound, with LITTLE differences. If anything Windows Sonic offers a wider soundstage, but both technologies provide great LEGIBILITY – ideal for providing ample warning during Blackout!


The headline feature being wireless connectivity, the rest of the feature-set is somewhat uncommon. There are not any alternate EQ settings, which can disappoint some, but when the signature sound is so impressive, not having access to additional modes I’ll likely never use is a minor loss. The biggest feature I feel it need is Bluetooth, which should be a feature of any modern gaming set. The added versatility of Bluetooth would improve this product.

From the outset, it’s easy to ascertain what LucidSound try to realize with the LS35X. All black in design, with just a few silver LS branding on the earcups and on top of the scarf ending the flow, this is often certainly a headset that has been created to be worn instead of to be shown off. With a lightweight metal frame holding things together, and some superb stitching in place on the well-padded underside of the sliding headband, it’s very comfortable to wear too, with lengthy gaming sessions something that this overstep at.


A great sounding headset with some teething issues concerning reliability. On reflection, I could not possibly recommend this headset supported other people’s experiences, and therefore the issue I’m having with sound distortion, which is extremely disappointing considering the long wait. If I find a fix I will be able to amend this review, otherwise, I will be able to be sending it back. a true shame, because there is a lot to love. Hopefully, there’s a firmware fix, which is inexcusable given the various delays. I think LucidSound LS35X Review will help you to buy a stylish headset.

LucidSound features a well-earned reputation for creating high-quality gaming peripherals that do not appear as if gaming peripherals in the least. The LS35X lives up to the company’s high standards by providing beautiful sound, a cushty fit and a beautiful design. Dead-simple wireless connectivity with the Xbox One doesn’t hurt.

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