HyperX Cloud Orbit S Best Gaming Headset Review

HyperX Cloud Orbit S


All right guys so here it is for the past week I’ve been testing out the hyper x cloud orbit s. I’ve been trying to figure out if it’s worth its 330 dollar price tag for a wired headset. This price tag is very steep and it makes it one of the most expensive gaming headsets on the market. Obviously, hyper x is very well known and respected in the gaming community. This articles HyperX Cloud Orbit S Best Gaming Headset Review will help you to buy or not.


So this headset definitely warrants some consideration they partnered up with o desi on the design of the new cloud orbit models. while equipping them with the same 100-millimetre planar magnetic drivers you get in most of the audio headsets now for those.


That isn’t familiar with Valdez it’s a California based company that was started in 2008 by a couple of friend in their garage. They ended up meeting some ex-NASA scientists who created breakthrough flexible circuit technology. That ended up being used in a lot of space crafts the founders of a desi then implemented that technology to create insane high-quality headphones. That range from 400 all the way up to 4000 per headset now the headset looks and feels like a premium headset but how does it perform that’s what we’re gonna go over in today’s article.





You get two different versions of the cloud orbit gaming headset you get the cloud orbit which comes in at 300and you get the cloud orbit s. That comes in at 330the main difference between the two for the 30 premium is you get the 3d head tracking technology with the cloud orbits.


Now planar magnetic drivers are supposed to have a lot less distortion than dynamic drivers the diameter of the drivers. You get with this headset coming at 100 millimetres which is double that you get with normal gaming headsets. That is on today’s market for example most of the gaming headsets you’ve probably used in the past or present have 40 to 50-millimetre driver son.


There technically speaking that makes this headset a lot louder than any other gaming headset out there the larger the diameter of the driver. On the headset the much louder the headset is and i can assure you this headset is super loud you can use this headset with any system out there. Thanks to the 3.5 millimetre cable but do note that you are limited to 2channel audio and no 7.1 surround sound. When you use it that way along with the3.5 millimetre connector you also get us to type a USB type c and you also get a nice pop filter to go with the adjustable detachable microphone of this headset.


For design, you get the feel of a gaming headset with the look of a more professional headset to go with that 330price tag. Both the headband and the earcups are made from a nice soft artificial leather which stays cool evening those longer gaming sessions. The outside has a nice black finish to it that resembles a matte black look in parts of the headset on the left ear cup you get all of your controls for this headset.


You get two dials for your headset and microphone volume a USB type c port to charge this headset along with the 3.5-millimetre audio jack and a button to turn on the 3d functionality on the outside of the left ear cup. You have your power and your mute button that sits nice and flush with the hyper x logo of this headset.




Now, this headset comes in at 0.8 pounds which is slightly heavier than the cloud alpha and the same weight as the Astro a50s now when you put this headset on it does feel a little bit heavier than those other two headsets. But it doesn’t generally feel as heavy as it looks it feels super comfortable oh it looks good too look at that gamer headset looks nice.


This is actually one of the nicest looking headsets it kind of reminds me of the corsair virtual. So we reviewed on the channel a couple of weeks ago you also get a ton of other cool features that come with this headset. When it comes to the functionality you can actually press down on the microphone audio wheel to switch between 7.1surround sound and 2-channel or high-res you also get a nice female voice to tell you when the headset’s turned on.

If you plan on using this microphone to stream talking discord talking party chat whatever it is your teammates.  Your friends should not hear those keyboard clicks as much as other gaming headsets that are currently out in the market guys. I just realized that when you put this microphone this close to your mouth it sounds a lot this is what it sounds like three inches away from your mouth. This is what it sounds like and out here I don’t know four inches away from your mouth.




When you’ve used aux and when you’re using USB also tells you when it’s muted with all that being said let’s get into what really matters with this headset. That is the sound quality and the gaming performance when connected through USB and using surround sound you turn on the 3d audio which enhances the whole user experience. Especially when you have head tracking enabled you to get multiple different modes. When using the 3d function you can switch between all three of them by holding down on a 3d button for 3secondsyou have 3d on 3d automatic.


Which is set for when your head moves and 3d manual which lets you set the centre point by just pressing the 3dbutton once it’s crazy because with this model. On when you’re playing call of duty warzone you hear everything and I mean everything says you’re reloading next to one of the tents you can hear the wind brushing up against the tent.


As if the tent was right next to you it’s actually insane I can’t tell you how many times I took the headset off just to look around as if there was an actual team outside coming back for revenge.


After I sent them all to the gulag all right guys I’m exaggerating but you guys get the point even with the 3d off you can still get a clear depiction of what’s going on. In terms of gunfight sand footsteps when playing call of duty war zone music performance was absolutely amazing with this headset.


The art like I mentioned before extremely loud to the point where when you’re past 70volume everyone around you. In the room can hear what you’re listening to battery life with this headset is advertised at around 10 hours in my personal testing. I was able to squeeze14 to 15 hours when using this headset for both gaming and listening music itis a wired headset primarily. HyperX Cloud Orbit S is one of the Best Gaming Headset in our Review point.




I definitely thought I should mention that for you guys in case you were a wonder in terms of software you get the software. That is similar to your desi Mobius headset with room ambience sliders to adjust settings for your personal preference. You can recalibrate and toggle between3d modes on the right side along with access.


To multiple different profiles that you can choose from that also. let you tweak them if needed out the microphone quality on the cloud orbits we’re compared to the rodent 1 microphone which is a much more expensive. like on the astro a50 gen fours this is what the microphone quality sounds like on the rode nt1 studio microphone now this is a much more expensive studio microphone.


This comes in at around three or four hundred dollars not to mention you need phantom power to power this microphone. So you will need to go ahead and pick up a mix amp or an interface like a scarlet solo to be able to actually use this microphone.


So dumb comparison that I always like doing but I want to give you guys an idea of what it sounds like using both of these headsets against a much more expensive studio microphone in a soundproof room.




I hope this article Hyper x Cloud Orbit S Best Gaming Headset Review can help you. I didn’t have to have this microphone like right here in my mouth I’d actually prefer this microphone now that I think about it over the ash 350 gen four si mean and I have the microphone volume turned up all the way on the headset and in the filters whatever I could adjust I did adjust um but I don’t feel comfortable keeping this microphone here. just feels weird this is without a doubting tone of the best-wired gaming headset that I’ve ever tasted in my life but for my personal preference I feel like I’d still go with the Astro a50s over this headset now if you guys do want to watch the full review I did on the Astro 850 gen 4 gaming headset will leave that linked down below in the description for you guys along with multiple amazon affiliate links if you guys would like to purchase any one of these headsets and support me the same time with no extra cost to you guys I would, however, recommend you guys go ahead and pick up the cloud orbit s over the cloud orbit gaming headset for the extra 30 because you do get that 3dtechnology and the software to come with this headset which is definitely worth the price as always if you guys have any questions comments concerns whatever it is making sure you guys go ahead and drop them down below in the comment section for me if you guys did end up liking this.

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