HYPERX CLOUD ALPHA REVIEW:  Absolutely unbeatable performance

The HyperX Cloud Alpha
Hyper x cloud alpha


  • Durable
  • Great isolation
  • In-line controls
  • Accurate audio quality 


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The HyperX Cloud Alpha is like taking one among the simplest  best gaming headset 2020  the HyperX Cloud Alpha, and makes it even more versatile. Today, HyperX has expanded that versatility even further with the all-black Cloud Alpha Blackout Edition SKU. Alongside the software with game-specific sound profiles. The Cloud Alpha delivers an equivalent lightweight and cosy design that keeps gamers comfortable and classy for hours on end. Today, we are here with our HyperX Cloud Alpha Review.

In fact, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is one among the simplest gaming headsets in its bracket. Albeit it doesn’t have an equivalent versatility as some comparable headsets.



The fundamentals of what makes the Cloud a superb gaming headset have remained steadfast. Since the very first Cloud released in early 2014: a gorgeous aviation-style design. Many memory foam padding, punchy but well-balanced audio, and a surprisingly low price.


The new slotted metal frame gives the headset a more industrial look.  The crescents of solid metal utilized in previous HyperX Cloud products. At the same time, we appreciate the actual fact that the peripheral maker has finally given the headset one cohesive, anodized look, matching the plastic bits to the aluminium frame.


The very first thing I noticed when gliding over the Cloud Alpha S was how light it felt. At 0.71 pounds, the headset isn’t significantly lighter than others. However, it’s the planning here, which fights pressure and weight on the skull and ears, which makes it feel light. The headset has not flattened my ears or made them feel trapped or tired, even after hours of use.


The memory foam ear cushions feel cool around my ears. Useful for those that warm up during intense or extended gaming sessions. The reason is breathable material of the leather. The memory foam of the scarf isn’t the thickest we’ve ever seen. But, more importantly, it prevents any sensation of pressure points. It can consider the best gaming headset in 2020.



Let’s examine the sound quality first because frankly, all that memory foam isn’t worth an entire lot if the reproduction is off. We test every headset as compared to our reference studio monitors, the DT770s from Beyer Dynamic. They’re totally neutral (or as near as you’ll get for under $150) in frequency response, designed that way so you’ll hear what an audio signal really seems like, without its makeup on. And once you hear an equivalent audio source first through the DT770s then the Cloud Alpha, the primary thing you hear may be a lot more low end. tons more low end.

The Cloud Alpha doesn’t bring tons of bells and whistles to your gaming experience, no matter what platform you employ — it’s basically just a pair of headphones with a detachable microphone. However, you’ll still have an excellent time with it. As I discussed above, this is often a really comfortable headset. It’s lightweight and has just the proper amount of tension, which is ideal for long gaming sessions.

Moreover, the Cloud Alpha’s sound profile lends it to be one among the simplest best gaming headset 2020, but not far more than that.



Many headphones de-emphasize sound during this range due to natural resonances within the ear. Where echoes in your auditory meatus actually make it harder to listen to other sounds. Lowering the output around that 4KHz mark means sounds of a good wider frequency range won’t have any trouble competing.


The HyperX Cloud Alpha offers much better audio isolation than best gaming headsets, due in no small part to the headset’s ample ear pads. There’s nothing here approaching active noise cancelling, but the sorts of sounds you’d hear reception. Sort of a TV blaring within the other room or a phone ringing, shouldn’t offer much distraction.


And you get that sound correct out of the box. To HyperX’s eternal credit, there’s no bundled software required to urge the foremost out of this Cloud Alpha or any previous models. No ‘gaming mode’ to activate, no RGB profiles to twiddle. Also no EQs to cycle through checking out one that sounds natural—just great sound as soon as it’s plugged in.



Once more then, the newest version of the HyperX Cloud finds itself at the very top of the pile. a bit like long-running successful sports dynasties, there’s a temptation to feel blasé or jaded about it after four years topping best gaming headset guides, but it’s truly earned that reputation. Despite the narrowing of the gap between this and therefore the chasing pack, and despite Steel series’ increasing dominance within the wireless headset market, for a cabled headset under $100, this could still be your first consideration.

The Cloud Alpha S has virtual 7.1 surround sound and bass sliders. However, the surround sound isn’t perfect, with a high frequency lean but a lift in volume. It’s better in games like first-person shooters and pretty decent in surround sound movies, but not nearly as good when it involves music. Meanwhile, the bass sliders are almost forgetful, with a barely noticeable impact.


Should you buy the HyperX Cloud Alpha?

Yes. The sole real caveat I can consider is that the mic: If an incredible microphone is what you’re after, there are better options out there. aside from that, this is often just about the platonic ideal for gaming headphones. I Can recommend this because it also the best gaming headset in 2020.

If you’re trying to find a intensify, you’re likely to require to stay with HyperX if you wish the Cloud Alpha. Very almost like the Audeze Mobius, the HyperX Cloud Orbit has planar magnetic drivers, and built-in 3D sound support as well—but it’ll cost you.

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