Best 3 wireless earbuds in India: You should buy in 2020

1. Sony WF-1000XM3 

2.Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

3.Jabra Elite 75t

1. Sony WF-1000XM3 

 Best noise-cancelling wireless earbuds

Sony wh-1000xm3


Size5.6 x 4.7 x 2.5 inches
Weight0.3 ounces
Battery life6 hours (NC on)
Bluetooth range30 feet
Special featuresActive noise cancellation


  • Stellar audio performance
  • Great noise cancellation
  • Serviceable app with lots of features


  • Touch controls could use some work
  • Poor call quality


I own several pairs of really high-end (and expensive) headphones and in-ear monitors (IEMs) but are unable to hold them with me when travelling thanks to size and weight (and the fear of injury or loss). Since I attempted the first Air Pods I even have been trying to find wireless earphones that give me the audio quality I would like on the move, with the comfort I want for hours-long listening, and noise cancellation for office hums and buzzes or train noise. I even have a few six wireless earphones I even have tried and disliked for one reason or another in my closet, but now I even have tried these Sony WF-1000XM3s I’m a cheerful boy!

The Sony earphones are available in two colours that I’m aware of; I bought the silver because it didn’t look as obvious because the black (your mileage may vary). they are available with a charging carry packet that charges with the supplied USB-C cable, a group of six ear pads (plus the 2 already on the earbuds), and a few documentation. it is a nicely packaged product, and after downloading the free app from the Apple Store, I started in listening. The earbuds twist certain a tighter fit, and that I had to downsize them after a week’s first taking note of getting a far better deal, but the supplied ear tips are soft and straightforward to swap. Gestures on the earbuds control functions, which take all of about five minutes to urge comfortable with.

There are two aspects to those Sony earbuds that stand out for me: audio quality and noise reduction. The noise reduction is controllable and quite effective, as long because the seal on the ear pads is tight (otherwise noise leaks in, obviously). on the audio quality, when commuting or at the office I do most of my listening from satellite radio or lossless FLAC files on my iPhone. Of course, the lossy streaming of satellite radio isn’t where near the standard of the FLAC files, but both sounds specialized on the Sony earbuds. I compared the Sonys to a number of my expensive IEMs in my front room, and there, critically listening, the Sony is just not nearly as good because the earbuds I attempted. But keeping in mind the IEMs cost ten times the worth of the Sony earbuds, there’s nothing embarrassing that. It can also compare these Sonys to my older Apple Air Pod, and just like the Sony audio quality much, much more. So even have yet to undertake the newest generation of Air Pods, so can’t discuss them as compared, but now I won’t be buying the Air Pods at all!

I am really happy and pleased with these Sony earbuds. they’re not cheap, but they’re not expensive either (compared to some IEMs on the market). I exploit these Sonys almost a day and am delighted with the sound and therefore the battery life. Definitely recommended.

Follow-up: I even have now compared these Sonys to the new Air Pod and therefore the Sony wins in terms of sound quality by a substantial margin. Also, to answer peoples questions on fit, the interchangeable tips should allow you to customize the fit your needs. I find yourself employing a different size basketball shot each ear for an ideal fit and to carry them in situ when exercising. I still love these Sonys and use them much more than my ten-times-the-price earbuds. Now it is also the best wireless earbuds in India.

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2.Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus: Best wireless earbuds in India

Excellent feature-laden Android buds

galaxy buds plus


Size0.7 x 0.75 x 0.8 inches
Weight0.22 ounces
Battery life 11 hours
Bluetooth range120 feet
Special featuresAmbient listening mode


  • Solid overall sound
  • Lengthy battery life (on a single charge)
  • Improved call quality
  • Innovative wireless features


  • Charging cases only offers one extra charge
  • The product experience overall is slightly above average. Would rate it as per below


This Samsung galaxy buds plus is a nice earbud. Sound 3/5 – bass isn’t punchy. I posses another Bluetooth headset like Lenovo HT10 pro, Mivi thunder beats and that they are just awesome for music experience. If you favour taking note of Punjabi music, better try other TWS. Now it is also the best wireless earbuds in India

Tip: I’m using one+7t. For a slightly better experience, cut the Equalizer of the device and switch bass boost on galaxy wearable app.

Features: 4/5 – the touch control, customization options, ambient noise are a number of great features to possess.  They’re too sensitive and slightest of touch will interfere with your music or video to pause or change track.

Loudness: 3.5/5 – the sound output isn’t the loudest of all and can depend upon personal preference. I might have loved about 10-15% more output. the great part though is even at 100% volume the sound isn’t unpleasant.

Battery life: 5/5 – it’s undoubtedly the simplest within the market immediately. as long as the charging case could have had more juice holding capacity. You will got to charge the case every second day if you employ the buds regularly for quite 6 hrs

Comfort 4.5/5: this is light and cosy for a long period of usage. For perfect seal, I used the medium-sized ear tip and enormous size wingtips. the additional seal will improve the listening experience slightly.

Call quality 4/5: no major complaints on this parameter but the noise cancellation could are a touch better.

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3.Jabra Elite 75t: Best  wireless earbuds in India

High performance in a super-compact form


jabra 75t


Size0.8 x 0.7 x 0.6 inches |
Weight0.19 ounces
Battery life7.5 hours
Bluetooth range: 30 feet
Special featuresCustomizable EQ


  • Best-in-class charging case
  • Dynamic sound with customizable EQ settings
  • Long battery life
  • Passive noise cancellation


  • Calls sound extremely low


The earbuds felt very comfortable, lightweight and most significantly didn’t desire had a far off object in my ear. While travelling or bending down they remained in situ and didn’t desire they might fall out, a drag I even have with many earbuds. the primary test was playing a song and therefore the quality was top notch. I expected the Jabras to be good quality earbuds but just how good they sounded was a pleasing surprise. Perhaps using my corded phone branded headphones and Bluetooth running headphones for the last few months I had gotten familiar with inferior sound quality. Now it is also the best wireless earbuds in India

The second and more important test was communicated to other people. . It takes the bus to figure and await the bus on a rather noisy street.  First tried them with music, both with some acoustic songs also as another genre. It could not hear the bus or the chatter from the people thereon while taking note of music at moderate volume. I also tried a couple of podcasts of varying quality since a number of the lower quality ones I can not hear on the bus as I miss quite a lot of what’s said, with all the ground noise. Happily, with the Jabras, I’m ready to hear all my podcasts at a volume that’s not too loud so I do not need to worry about damaging my hearing.

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